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December 28, 2011
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Prolouge: Sequel series to His Butler, it's written to that the reader doesn't have to have read His Butler but, this makes it a bit more fun if you have read. This is a new and continuing series.
POV: Ciel Phantomhive


The wind snaps through me, chilling my insides to the core as my arms instinctively reach to shield myself from the cold. That is until I feel him, his touch, and his arms around me. His scent enters my nose as I inhale it, savoring its spicy sweet never wanting to forget. Raven black hair trickles into my peripheral vision as I feel his lips peck the start of my jaw line. I cannot help but smile as I lean into him, missing his touch greatly to the point that my entire being longs for it once again.

"Sebastian…" I murmur, "I missed you…"

He chuckles under his breath, "I know, my Ciel. I missed you too."

"Then…why did you leave?" I ask quietly, never wanting him to leave me, or at least never let go, "Why would you…"

A long sigh escapes his lungs, "It's complicated, Ciel."

"Not complicated enough…"


I hate myself sometimes, I mean truly, honestly hate myself. Why my mind creates these silly fantasies in my mind I will never know. I do know that the dream felt much too real..perhaps Sebastian…no.

That's stupid, Ciel, I scold myself, Don't be so naïve as to think Sebastian can or would communicate to your through dreams.

A soft moan emits from behind me, the familiar thin arm of Alois Trancy draped over my side reminds me just how upside down my life has become. His grip on me tightens as he slides his hand to my shoulder, playing with the hair at the nape of my neck, "Ciel…are you awake?"

"What do you want?" I snap, sitting upright, not liking the feel of his fingers on my skin, much less my hair.

His large light blue eyes slowly gain a sparkle as he awakens, "Have you…thought about it?"

"About what, Trancy?"

"What I said." He replies, looking down appearing as weak and defenseless as a small child after a scolding.

Exhaling I lean back on the headboard, it's been two days since Alois Trancy and Claude Fastus found me as a newborn demon, and recently Alois has professed his love for me. Somehow he has it in that twisted little mind of his that I somehow feel the same towards him. A hand plants itself on my thigh, I'm quick to shove it away, crossing my arms, "Let's get a few things, straight, Trancy." I bark, "I may be forced to be here with you but that doesn't mean I have to tolerate you. I don't want you touching me nor do I wish to share the same bed as you any longer. What you gain from me being here is beyond me but I would like you to just cut to the point. If you want to kill me, good luck, I'm immortal now. If you just want me for your own sick pleasures, I'm not going to allow you to use me in that manner. Do you understand?'

That playful demeanor dims as he writhes back, curling onto his side keeping his face to me as his fingers play with the light yellow sheets. Thoughts linger in those clear eyes of his as I notice just how platinum his hair is and how this incredible scent wafts from him. Like how earl grey smells in the morning paired with Sebastian's scones and breakfast tarts, completely indulging. A piece of me just wants to reach out to him, pull him into my arms and claim that scent, that portion of him that makes him the least bit appealing. To…devour it?

His eyes flicker up from the sheets between his fingers and to mine, he furrows his eyebrows as he draws himself upright, arranging the sheets to cover what I do not wish to view, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?"

A unease shadows his face, "…like a predator may its prey."

The same uncertainty in his expression crashes over me like a wave as the door opens, Claude striding into the room with clothes for the two of us. Alois flirts with the butler as the demon dresses him, leaving me to a moment with my thoughts. Is it Alois' soul that I'm smelling? Is it his soul that tempts me to return his feelings just to gain a sample of that of which has been testing me? I don't feel hunger, more like a slight burn in my chest, the urge to consume, nothing like an organ grumbling.

Claude slips my shirt around my arms as he buttons it, a smirk playing his face, "Ah, I see…you're maturing rather quickly, Young Phantomhive."

Snapping out of my trance I glare down at him, "What do you mean?"

He smiles, "You're hungry." A gloved hand gently brushes over my right eye as he ties on my eye patch, "It's a shame too, and you cannot eat unless you have a contract. But you yourself are bound in contract." A bitter laugh escapes him, "Michaelis was a fool in making you a demon. What his motives are I will never know for it couldn't be love, he did abandon you after all."

Instinctively my hand swipes Claude's face, his glasses flying off his face as I grip the edge of the bed to support myself, "Don't speak about Sebastian like you know him." I growl, jerking the jacket meant for my attire for the day off the floor, "Don't speak about him at all. Do you understand me?!"

Kneeling onto one knee Claude crosses his heart, bowing his head, "Yes. My Lord."

Gritting my teeth I storm out, slamming the door behind me, only to hear it be wrenched open, Alois' agile footsteps scurrying over the tile of the hotel floors. A slender hand grasps my shoulder, Alois forcing me to look at him, true concern in his eyes as he takes my hand, "Come for a walk with me." He offers quietly, a gentle tug on my hand nudges me towards the door, "Now."

With unorthodox steps I follow him; I hear my name whispered from Claude's lips, I glance over in his direction. In his expression I see the 'Don't Even Think About Running Away' look. Alois tows me to a nearby park, his steps slowing to a leisurely pace as he swings our entwined hands back and forth a bit, "We're very similar, you know." He murmurs softly, a fondness to his tone, "I mean we lost everything we love in a fire, we're both earls, we have fallen in love with a demon and life for us is a game."

The smell of winter's air sharpens my senses as I train my focus on the naked trees displaying their true form to the light blue sky, "And what really makes us very much alike is the dark past we share. Fires which lead to darkness, a darkness that has corrupted me but it didn't corrupt you. I was in the black market as well, as were you, how is that you endured the same fate as me but you are the one everyone wants while I myself am undesirable?"

"Same fate?" I echo, he must be referring to what we endured while in the black market, "Alois, you were meant to be reused, I was to be disposed in the name of some sacrificial insanity. You were humiliated yes, you were hurt, but you did not have an expiration date on you life. I knew I was going to die, I wanted out, so I summoned a demon. You simply became sick of a life in wrong servitude and manipulated your way out."

A small laugh breathes through his lips as Alois kicks a piece of forgotten snow, "So…on the topic of another thing we have in common…in love with a demon?"

Shaking my head slightly I can't help but grin at the thought of Sebastian, "…demon. He hardly seems like a demon at times, more human if anything." A laugh bursts from me, "He's probably kill me if he heard me say that!"

Alois grins warmly, "You hardly ever smile…you should more often."

Rolling my eyes I avert my gaze from the trees to Alois, "No."

He shrugs, "So…you and Sebastian are…in love?"

I narrow my eyes, stopping abruptly, my inner defenses flying up, screaming at me not to divulge any further, "What does it matter to you Trancy? Moreover why do you care?"

"Am I not allowed to?!" Alois demands, his voice rising to a brisk shout as his hands ball to fists at his sides, "I don't get you, Ciel, I really don't! I try to be nice, I save you from…" he shakes his head, "…all I'm wanting to be is nice."

"Nice?" I scoff, "Alois Trancy, the one person whom wants me so badly that he's tried to kill me many times in the past. The opposing side that hunts me as if I'm just some prize to be won, the one whom killed my parents wants to be nice? What kind of bloody fool do you take me for?!"

His jaw clenches as his shoulders rise and fall in suppressed anger, "I don't take you for a fool, Ciel."

"What then?" my patience at its limit, "I'm sick and tired of being kept as your personal little pet, Alois! I need to find Sebastian! I don't want to be with you, Alois! Just let me leave, call off Claude alright because I'm so tired of-"

Suddenly he grasps my shoulders, pressing me to his chest as he brings his lips to mine. I move to shove him away but the instant our lips meet that scent that's intoxicated me now has a taste that's flowing through my entire being. It's like being hit with a sudden burst of energy, this influx of power swelling inside. I don't want to kiss back, my mind tells me of this much but my body says otherwise. I want more, I need more to continue to taste his soul on my tongue…

As suddenly as it happened he separates us, my mind relieved my body demanding more. His pale features are flushed by the cold and the embrace as he fiddles with a ring on his finger, "Earlier I said I fell in love with a demon." He says quietly, those eyes of his fixated on the ground, "And that demon is you, Ciel. But, I can tell that what I feel for you is not the same that you feel for me, and… I at least want to spend more time with you. And…I just don't want to loose you and if you leave…"

"What are you getting at?" I inquire harshly, sick of his babble, ready for my warrant to be set free from this hell.

He swallows thickly, taking my hand in his, "Ciel…I know where Sebastian is."

My heart drops at his words, "You know where he is?! You cunt why didn't you…"

"I will lead him to you," Alois assures me, his hand shaking with nerves as he inhales shakily, "But you need to do something for me first."

I hesitate, unsure of what path to take. I'm sure I could somehow get the information out of him, but then again he could be lying. There is a huge possibility that he has no idea where Sebastian is but there is a chance that he does know. After all, of all of the people to take me in from being abandoned by my own butler him and his demon find me. Coincidence? I think not. Sebastian may have left me for many reasons, but I know the connection, the love we shared before is something that I will fight for. Once more I will take the spider's thread and climb it if the smallest chance of seeing Sebastian again is at the end of the line.

"What do you want from me?" I ask, the words sliding off my tongue with a tinge of regret.

"Form a contract with me."
Sorry for such a late update! I really am sorry! I felt bad about every comment from the second one asking where the next part is and when it would be uploaded!
I've been busy yet bored then busy again, but here it is! Part three of the new series! I've been working on a new three part one shot which part one should be out soon! :D
Again, I hope the next update isn't so long! T.T

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I DO NOT own cover image, it's from [link]
And yes, I attained permission
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