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November 5, 2011
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Prolouge: Sequel series to His Butler, it's written to that the reader doesn't have to have read His Butler but, this makes it a bit more fun if you have read. This is a new and continuing series.
POV: Ciel Phantomhive


That's what he said, that last word whispered to my mouth before I felt my entire being leave me. It was as if the air from my lungs was being sucked from me, but instead of that feeling being in my chest it was throughout my whole body. As if somehow that air burned hotter than any fire and more painful than any wound. I was lost in that pain, without a body without a sole mind, without myself.
But somehow I found it, that tiny life line, that little thread just barely there and hardly recognizable. How I did it I'm not so sure, all I am aware of is that I'm alive. That's what I wanted wasn't it? Life? To keep my soul?
No. that's not what I wanted and it's not what I want now.
I need my butler, Sebastian Michaelis.

"Ciel…Ciel…" a voice calls, beckoning me from that abyss I climbed out of. I feel someone's hands on my face, slapping it hard. I want to grab their wrists and return the favour but the muscles in my arms are too weak. Their voice wanders closer and closer, the slaps hurting more and more.
"Come on, just open your eyes." They say, a challenge in their tone.
Somehow, I manage to do so to see the annoying face of Alois Trancy looming over me. His large light blue eyes twinkle in delight, his round yet angular face breaking into a bright smile haloed by his washed out yellow hair. He clutches me closer to his chest, my body like ice compared to him. I can hear his heart beat in my ear as he lifts me up into his arms rocking me slightly like one may a child.
"Claude! Claude!" he singsongs, his voice annoying to my ears, "I have Ciel Phantomhive! I have Ciel Phantomhive!"
Like being picked up and taken by Alois Trancy wasn't humiliating enough to have Claude Fastus witness this is just the icing on the cake. The demon round a corner from a bush, only then do I realize that I'm outside a large building that appears to be a hotel of some sort. The butler's narrow yellow eyes widen in shock as he presses his rectangle glasses higher up his face.
Alois bobs up and down in excitement as Claude comes closer, disbelief colouring his features, "See Claude, see? I have Ciel Phantomhive! He's mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!"
"Silence please, your highness." Claude breathes, his gloved hand touching my face, his face close to mine, so close that I can see every speck of amber in his eyes reminding me of a wolf, "You're supposed to be dead, Ciel Phantomhive…"
My heart stops inside me, my blood running cold as Alois ceases his little dance, "What?" I whisper, struggling to produce the single word from my lips.
Claude slips me from Alois' arms; my body putty in his hands for every muscle has seemed to forget that it exists at the moment. The demon blinks in shock as he sweeps some of my hair out of my eyes, "The mark is still there…how is that possible?"
Swallowing thickly I attempt to clear my throat, "What…what are you t-talking about?"
Alois stands on his tip toes, peering over Claude's arms and at my face. He reaches over pinching my cheek slightly then tapping my nose playfully, "Claude, Ciel's mine, you can't have him. Give him back."
I want to scream, to tell this ignorant boy to place his person in a deep hole in the ground. But seeing as I'm lucky to produce a few words I cannot do so. Claude swerves on his heel, entering the building as Alois tails closely behind. Alois shouts some words of complaint as we enter the elevator, the attendant pressing the proper button allowing us to ascend to the ninth floor.
We exit, Alois smacking Claude's upper arm a few times, "Claude! Claude are you listening to me?! I said I want a turn to hold him! He's so cute when he's tired! He doesn't say mean things to me!"
The demon continues his silence.
The butler opens the door to Alois' suite, shutting the door behind him and his master and laying me down on what I presume to be Alois' bed. Ugh, first I'm carried, by the Trancy butler and Trancy himself no less and now my body lies where Alois' has for Lord only knows how many nights he's spent in this hotel. Lovely, what would Sebastian say if he saw me now?
Sebastian…a place in my heart sinks at the thought of him. Where is he? Where is my butler? Why is he not at my side if I'm this badly hurt? Is he dead?
"Sebastian…" I call, wanting to reach to my right eye and remove my eye patch to summon my demon, "Sebastian…"
"Poo." Alois huffs, plopping down next to me, rocking the bed, "Don't call for him, Ciel," he lays down beside me, curling into my side, "Call me."
I want to vomit, all over Alois' face. Me call him? How dare he be so absurd, As if an esteemed nobleman as myself would ever associate myself with someone as vile as Alois Trancy, romantic relations or otherwise! How or why Alois of all people found me is beyond my comprehension… Perhaps fate just hates me. Or I have incredibly bad luck, either way I need out of here, fast. But how soon can that be? I can't move my body, my mind is starting to cloud and I feel as if I've been to hell and back.
Knowing my impeccably good luck I just might have.
Claude kneels beside the bed as Alois nestles his face next to mine, his soft hair tickling my burning skin. His deep yellow eyes search my face, his fingers brush my hair back again, his touch lingering as he stares intently into my eyes. I want to look away but cannot find myself able to, for Claude's eyes are a very pretty shade of topaz.
Suddenly Alois' hand enters my range of vision, colliding into the side of his butler's face knocking off his glasses. The blonde scowls angrily as he pulls me closer to him like a jealous child may their favorite toy. "God, Claude, creeper much? Ciel's mine, not yours, mine. If anyone is to spend time with him or get that close to him it's going to be me, got it?"
The butler bows, "Yes, your highness."
Alois' scowl doesn't waver as he grips me tighter, "And don't get any ideas about sharing, because I'm not."
A smirk toys with the demon's lips as he walks away, "Yes, your highness."
Once Claude is gone Alois settles back into the bed, promptly shooting back up to shed his purple trench coat, tall boots and vest leaving him in only his blouse, small shorts and stockings. He wraps his arms around my torso, bringing us together again. Again, I can't help but notice how warm he is, and that he projects this scent that makes my stomach yearn. It's like earl grey, soft and mellow and calming but it has this sweet spice to it that simply inhaling is enough to make one mad. To think that I could not ever posses it is enough to drive me mad.
Wait. Hold on. This is Alois freaking Trancy I'm talking about. I don't want him, nor do I ever want to possess him. I quite hate him actually, and being this close to him prompts me to dip myself in a medicine bath for a few hours to ensure I shed any bacteria with the name Trancy from my body.
Alois places a finger under my chin, tilting my head to face his, those large light blue eyes of his trained on me, "Ciel…why are you so quiet? Are you really that tired?"
It hurts, everything hurts, I don't even have the power to answer him.
"…Sebastian…" I find myself murmuring, "…I want…Sebastian…"

I must admit, opening my eyes to see the wide eyes of Alois Trancy was NOT what I was expecting when I awoke. Crying out I jump, scrambling away off the bed toppling onto the floor. Alois laughs, leering over the bed jabbing a finger in my direction, "Ciel! You should've seen your face!"
"Shut up!" I shout, wrenching off a shoe and chucking it at his obnoxious blonde head.
His laughter rings throughout the room as he rolls about on the bed causing it to moan in complaint. Who could blame it? If Alois were rolling on me laughing like a mad hatter I would complain too, shoot him even. The laughter ceases the instant the door opens to reveal Claude in the doorway; his eyes immediately fall on me.
"I see Earl Phantomhive has awakened from his paralysis. How are you feeling?" Claude inquires rather casually with an undertone of care.
My lower back hurts from hitting the floor wrong and I don't think I've ever been this hungry in my life but overall I feel rather fine. Best I have in my life actually. Everything seems enhanced. Colours a brighter with crisper definition, sounds are more profound and my body feels limber and powerful.
"Very well," I answer, rubbing my lower back, standing to find myself in Alois' clothes, "…then again…"
A coy smile decorates Alois' face, an index finger to his lips, "Do you like them? I picked it out special."
Special. What else would I expect him to address his short shorts which are about three sizes too small and threaten to cut off all circulation? For a shirt I wear one of his as well, a flowing white undershirt with some lace on the sleeves and a few buttons down revealing my pale chest. Crossing my arms I cast a glare, "Why?"
"You were asleep for days, Ciel; we couldn't leave you in those old dirty clothes!" Alois defends.
"But I have more fitting pieces if you prefer them, Earl Phantomhive," Claude injects, gesturing to the pile on a nightstand.
Walking over I lift the clothes up to see a tailored wine coloured jacket, white blouse and dark brown trousers neatly folded in a pile. I test the jacket's fabric to discover it to be corduroy and acceptable, "These will do nicely, if you please, Claude."
After many protests I am able to shoo Alois out of the room, left alone to watch Claude button my shirt. He slides the jacket around my shoulders, tugging it into place and smoothing out my hair. Reaching into his pocket he produces an eye patch, sliding it onto my right eye and fastening it to my head, combing through the needed hairs.
"Why am I here?" I ask, gripping the bed tightly, "Did…did Sebastian…die or something?"
"Or something," The demon replies, flicking aside some of his hair, "Alois found you and brought you here. You were apparently passed out in a garden in east Paris, what my highness was doing over there I really don't know but here you are. As to your butler, I don't know where he is but as far as Alois Trancy is concerned you are his property."
I scowl, "I am no one's property, Alois Trancy's property nonetheless! I am Ciel Phantomhive, Earl Phantomhive and I demand you take me to my butler immediately!"
"I'm afraid I cannot do that," Claude states simply, "My master has instructed that you never leave this hotel unless we are to return to the mansion. As far as I'm concerned you are not to leave him least our contract be in violation."
Clenching my teeth I suck in my bottom lip, biting it. That little…creating such an order…keeping me here under his contract! I have my own contract, thanks very much, one of which I am to fulfill as well least I break it with my butler wherever he may be.
The hunger stabs me, demanding food. I stand, giving an even glare with Claude, "Since I'm temporarily a prisoner here I may as well eat. What's for breakfast?"

"Claude makes the best eggs!" Alois informs me for the umpteenth time this morning.
"That's wonderful." I grumble, "As if it matters since the hotel is making the food including the eggs."
"I don't know how he does it! Maybe he puts in a special sauce or spice or…"
Maybe he spits in them? I think happily to myself, smirking at the mental image of Claude Fastus spitting in Alois' eggs, Alois most likely happily devouring them.
Claude enters with trays full of food, setting them down strategically before us, opening them up to reveal plates of traditional breakfast foods. I stare eagerly at the plate Claude prepared for me, the aroma of the bacon, eggs, omelet, potatoes and other homely spices somehow seeming less appealing. Shoving a forkful of food into my mouth I chew, awaiting the blissful taste of the food I've been deprived of.
No, I do not taste eggs or bacon, in my mouth is not food it is dirt. Coughing I expel the food back onto the plate not caring of the mess I've made. Alois's large blue eyes linger on me as his slow mind processes what just happened.
"Ciel…is something wrong with the food?" he asks, casting a wary look to his own food.
I shake my head, shoving the food away from me, allowing it to clatter to the ground, "This isn't food…its dirt. Mud. Vile. Who is the chef? I have a few complaints."
Alois narrows his eyes, scooping up some of those eggs he's waited so patiently for, chews then swallows. He dabs his mouth gingerly, "I don't understand Ciel, my food tastes fine. Maybe your sick?"
"No," Claude says, his voice cutting through our conversation as he takes a step towards me, a prideful gleam in his eye, "The reason our Earl Phantomhive cannot taste is because he is no longer a human."
My heart drops, already knowing his next words.
"He is a demon."
New series! Huzzah! :la:
There will be 'MOAR' so...yeah!
Oh yes Ciel POV this is new for me
Fun but new
So sorry if he's a bit OOC!
I know I know, Claude and Alois? Yaoi switch?! WHY NIKKI WHY?!
Fret not darlings, this won't last.
Long. XD
I really hope you enjoy this! Please let me know what you think!

PART TWO! [link]

His Butler Series
(first three)
His Butler, Forever [link]
His Butler, Broken [link]
His Butler, Desire [link]

I DO NOT own cover image, it's from [link]
And yes, I attained permission
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