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A soft glow plays off the usually dark room, the satiny blood red sheets entangling him and his sleeping master. Sebastian groans slightly as he sits upright careful not to disturb Ciel. His eyes linger on the small boy, his dark hair terribly askew across his peaceful expression. Smiling fondly Sebastian wraps an arm around Ciel, pulling him close somehow unable to wake him. Ciel mutters something in his sleep as he curls into Sebastian, his small fingers digging into his lover's exposed chest, his silky hair tickling his skin.

Smiling Sebastian relaxes back into the comfort of the pillows the support his back, keeping a hand on Ciel always glad for the comfort the small boy brings him. The door to his room slowly opens, the bright spectacles of Mey-Rin peeps in. Her eyes fall on the two, both in the same bed, both without clothes and both looking rather comfortable. She lowers her gaze from Sebastian's bare chest, hurriedly tip toeing into the room with an arm extended with a thick envelope in her fingers.

"This came in just now," the maid whispers, not wanting to disturb her sleeping master, "A man named Claude Fastus said that you must read it immediately."

Sebastian frowns at the spider emblem on the back of the envelope; a letter from the Trancy was hardly ever a good one. His eyes drift to Ciel, his childish face completely slack in sleep. The butler finger combs the boy's hair once more before nodding to Mey-Rin, "Yes, thank you."

Mey-Rin nods, her eyes drifting to a very naked Sebastian before slipping from the room, casting the butler one last look, feeling rather envious of her young master to have someone so wonderful to love him. But no matter the envy she knows that what the two masters have is pure in a twisted way.

Once the door shuts Sebastian stares hesitantly at the letter, the rich colour of expensive paper dully taunting him. His eyes drift back to the boy snoring softly on his torso. In elegant script reads Ciel Phantomhive's name, and as his butler Sebastian has no right to open his master's mail. However, in recent events their relationship has felt more like two equals as opposed to a mere servant with a simple contract binding him to his master. His black nails contrast greatly with the envelope as he slides them under the lip, pulling the paper from the glue. Reaching inside the seemingly perfect script of Claude reads:

Earl Ciel Phantomhive,

I am terribly sorry for my master's actions during your visit to Trancy Manor. The queen has sent out a new case in which we are forced to use our combined efforts to solve. I know that my master isn't quite pleased with this arrangement but it is orders of the queen, you of all people would understand this.

Although my master is still too young and immature to fully comprehend the virtue of placing oneself below the orders of her majesty as a butler I understand this fully. If you would be so humble as to accept this invitation to settle our past disputes and call a temporary truce we would be forever thankful.

Do remember, this is an order from the queen.

Claude Fastus

Gritting his teeth Sebastian crumples the paper in his hand, the muscles in his body tightening as he thrusts the web of lies to the floor. Rage builds in his veins as Ciel stirs beside him, emitting a slight groan. His eyes tiredly blink open, wandering around the room before they focus on Sebastian. A lazy smile pulls on Ciel's lips as he nestles his face into Sebastian's chest, inhaling the musty smell that Sebastian acquires after nights with him.
Sebastian smiles at the earl, pecking the boy's lips, "Good morning, Ciel. I trust you slept well."
Ciel nods, as he inches up closer towards Sebastian's chest, leaning his head there and staring off into space."I did. I always sleep best with you."
Sebastian chuckles, his fingers ruffling Ciel's hair, "I know you do."
Ciel smiles, always happy to have the comfort of his butler in the mornings, the warmth of someone he loves in the morning. His eyes fall on a piece of crumpled paper on the floor, an envelope with a familiar emblem on the back. An ugly frown tugs at his face as he slips away from Sebastian, the demon's heart sinking at the sight of his young master leaving him, even for a moment.
His eyes flicker across the words on the page, the frown deepening. His gaze snaps to Sebastian as he shakes his head, thrusting the paper to the ground. "So, how long were you going to keep this case from me?"
"I wasn't going to keep the case from you." Sebastian answers simply, his heart tightening with an anticipated fight, "Just the spiders."
"Spiders or not, this is an order from the queen!" Ciel shouts, his fists balling at his sides, "Damn it Sebastian, You can't do this!"
"I'm not letting you go back there." Sebastian snaps firmly, standing to his full height, staring down at Ciel, the boy only in his butler's shirt, "Not after last time, I'm not risking your life like that ever again."
"My life or my soul?" Ciel sneers, Sebastian's eyes widening at the cruelty in the boy's words.
"…Ciel," Sebastian says, the name short in an attempt to relax, "You know your soul isn't all that I value in you." He takes Ciel's shoulders in his hands, "Please, it's early, you're never in your right mind in the morning. I love you; don't ever think for a moment that I only value your soul. I value all of you, soul or not."
Ciel opens his mouth to argue but is silence by Sebastian's lips being pressed to his. His body turns to nothing as he melts into the being of Sebastian, his hands flying up to his lover's upper arms for support. Sebastian grasps Ciel by the mid-back, keeping him upright as he lifts the earl to him, carrying him back to the bed.
Caressing Ciel's lower back Sebastian gently guides him back first onto the duvet covers. Ciel's small fists close over Sebastian's as the demon starts to kiss harder and faster, quite the wakeup call this early in the morning. Sebastian's hot breath grazes Ciel's face as his lips plant themselves on his neck, teeth puncturing his skin. Ciel's fingers entangle in Sebastian's hair as he winds a leg around Sebastian's, hooking his foot into place.
Sebastian draws back; his loving expression seems to glow in the light as his fingers stroke Ciel's face thoughtfully. Ciel's hand brushes some of Sebastian's hair before resting it on the side of his lover's face, his thumb absentmindedly rubbing his butler's cheek. Exhaling he lowers his hand, wrapping it around Sebastian's torso, "I'm sorry, I should've have said what I did."
A small laugh whispers through Sebastian's lips, "It's quite alright, my Lord."
Ciel nods, "So, when do we leave for Trancy manor once again?"
"Never, I don't want you there."
"It's orders from the queen."
"Fuck the queen."
"Sorry," Sebastian apologizes, averting his gaze like an ashamed child, "I didn't mean that. I just don't trust them and I don't want to lose you."
Shaking his head Ciel soothingly rubs a hand up and down Sebastian's bare back, "It's business only, they said so. It's a temporary truce for the queen's sake. Please, I don't want to go anymore than you do, but it's mandatory. After this case we can get back to killing one another again, I promise."
Sebastian chuckles, turning to hold Ciel atop him, "And if I refuse?"
Ciel traces Sebastian's lips, "I'll make it an order if I must."
"You evil little boy," Sebastian growls playfully, hungrily kissing Ciel his hands running down his master's body, "Let's just make it fast, for I'd love to continue this."

Alois Trancy sits before Ciel, his narrow ice blue eyes sizing up the last Phantomhive as he takes his seat. The older of the two boys wears his usual green vest with shorts much too short and a long purple trench coat. His slender frame is erect in the plush chair as he glances at Ciel's butler, Sebastian, a tall lean demon with a face of a mischievous angel.
Ciel Phantomhive crosses his legs, placing a hand on either arm of the chair, gracing Alois a dull look with that large blue eye of his. He purses his lips briefly before he clears his throat, producing the sent letter from his coat pocket, "You sent this, regarding the case? Would you care to explain?"
Alois nods, sliding to an angle in his seat that best shows off his legs, "Yes, yes the case. That is why you're here isn't it?" his cat like eyes cut to his sly butler, Claude, a man equally attractive to Sebastian with slim rectangular glasses, yellow eyes and messily shoved back hair, "Claude, would you and Sebastian mind leaving us alone so we may discuss top secret matters."
The demon nods, turning on his heel to leave his master's side, "Yes, your Highness."
Claude reaches the door, holding it open for Sebastian to follow. Alois casts the Phantomhive butler a dirty look, "I said for both of our butlers to leave, Ciel. Is he deaf?"
"No." Ciel replies simply, "He listens to my orders, not yours."
"We must discuss this matter alone." Alois reminds him firmly, "No one is to hear what I am going to tell you, that includes the butler."
Ciel glares at Alois, his fingers reaching up to Sebastian, curling under the butler's tie jerking him to his ear, "Be listening for the signal, least we have another repeat." He whispers before releasing him.
Sebastian bows, "I understand. Yes, my Lord."
Claude closes the doors behind them, flashing Sebastian a cunning look, a knowing smile curling his lips, "We are to stay out of the room while our young masters talk. Why don't we have some fun?"
"Not interested."
"Come now," Claude beckons, taking a step closer, his yellow eyes like a wolf's, a set of knives dig into Sebastian's chest, "Surely, even you know how to have fun."
Ciel uncrosses then re-crosses his legs again, this time propping his head with a hand, "Well, our butler's are gone. What is this 'top secret information' you have to share with me? I'm a busy man and have things to attend to."
Alois smirks as he folds his hands in his lap, giving Ciel an unwavering stare filled with untold plots bound to unfurl. His light hair gleams and his icy stare seems to darken, that smirk still on his lips. He reaches over to the small table that separates them, taking a small sip from the teacup. Expelling a satisfied sigh he places it on the table, "Do try some of Claude's tea, it's quite good, earl grey. You like earl grey don't you Ciel?"
Clenching his jaw Ciel inhales, collecting the sophisticated earl that he is, "I'm not here for tea, Alois, I'm here on the behalf of…"
"…the queen's orders." Alois finishes with a wave of his hand, "Yeah, I know. But please, have some tea for it is polite when in another's home to accept the refreshments offered."
He reaches over, taking the already set out tea and holding it to his nose wafting the scent. No smells of poison or tonics detected, certainly no narcotics at least that his nose can detect. Alois watches with an eager glint in his eye as Ciel forces a small sip, surely even a small sip can't hurt even if it's drugged. He gifts Alois a small faux grin as he places the tea back, reclining into his chair.
Sebastian lashes out an arm blocking Claude's attack while pulling out weapons of his own. Claude sinks back onto his haunches before hurling towards the opposing butler, slicing the air as Sebastian ducks away. A joyful grin plays his face as he straightens his posture while Sebastian claims a more defensive stance. Claude throws himself at Sebastian again, this time his knives gliding past the Phantomhive butler's face. Sebastian watches the knives leave his range of sight before leaping away, why is Claude throwing fake blows? It's obvious his intent isn't to kill, now.
"What are you playing at?" Sebastian demands, "Those were shots you could've made easily, why hold back?"
Claude shrugs, "Who says I'm holding back? Maybe I'm waiting."
The earl Phantomhive shakes his foot impatiently as Alois just watches him with the same expression. Ciel narrows his eye, what's he up to? It's been ten minutes and not so much the slightest peep except that same expression never wavering, that smile never faltering, that hint of evil in his eye never shrinking only growing.
"Do you value him?" Alois inquires thoughtfully, as if he's daydreaming, "Your butler, I mean."
Ciel's inner defenses fly up, "…yes."
"And does he value you?"
"I presume so."
Alois leans back into his seat that grin widening, "Interesting…"
Claude pops open his pocket watch as if the two are casually waiting for their master's to finish their meeting. He slides his watch back into its home, a grin teasing his lips as he slips a hand into his coat, "You know, patience is a virtue while love is sometimes a sin."
Sebastian furrows his eyebrows.
Claude reveals an elegant silver arrow, the purity of an angel glistening in the light. Gasping slightly Sebastian takes a step back, his eyes wide, "Why do you have that?"
"My master wants you to suffer," Claude replies simply taking a step forward, "As do I, but in killing you he promised me Ciel Phantomhive's soul. Besides, you've fallen for the boy and as a fellow demon I cannot allow that to happen. Love is forbidden for us, Sebastian Michaelis, and you are no exception."
Aggravation pops inside Ciel as he rises to his feet suddenly, his head feeling a bit faint. His palm slam down onto the table that separates them as he glowers at Alois, "What do you want Trancy? I came here to discuss business not be viewed like a caged animal!"
A rude grin decorates Alois's features, "You'd know about being a caged animal, wouldn't you Phantomhive?"
Ciel strikes a hand across the blonde's face, "Shut up." He hisses darkly, his voice almost unrecognizable, "Now answer my question, that's an order."
"I'm not your butler." Alois reminds him, "Speaking of which…I wonder if he's dead yet."
Ciel's blood runs cold, his heart almost stopping, "…what?"
Without needing Alois to explain he shoves away from his seat, knocking it to the ground as he darts out of the room and down a corridor. 'He's lying, he's lying.' His inner voice chants, 'Sebastian isn't dead, can't be dead.' But no matter how many times he says that something in him tells him otherwise.
Claude drives the arrow he had hidden until this opportune moment into Sebastian's chest, a few drips of crimson flying onto his face as the opposing demons' eyes widen in shock.
Ciel rounds around another corner, eager to escape Alois. He grabs the side of the wall for support as he attempts to catch his breath, looking up he sees it-his worst fear. Sebastian at Claude's feet, a trickle of blood running from his lips, a hand to the arrow that protrudes from his chest.
"Sebastian!" Ciel cries, dashing to his butler's side, tears taunting his eyes. He kneels by his butler's side, unsure what to do but hold his face in his hands.
The demon's eyes start to glaze over as he forces himself to focus on Ciel and only Ciel. He brings a weak hand to one of Ciel's that caresses his own face. He forces a small smile, the pain of the angel's arrow burning through him, the pain of losing Ciel to Claude torturing him.
"Ciel…" he chokes out, his voice still mesmerizing in near death, "…I…I…"
Ciel nods, tears streaming down his face, his grip tight, "I know. I love you too."
A single tear releases itself from Sebastian's eye, "Ciel…"
Just like that, the most important one in his life is taken from him again. Tears pour from him as Ciel shakes his head in denial, his hands grasping Sebastian's shoulders, shaking him. "Sebastian…." He sobs, his voice a whisper, "…Sebastian wake up…"
The demon's vast red eyes dully stare at nothing, his expression completely relaxed as if he's sleeping. Ciel head starts to swim as more sorrow flows from him, his small body clinging to Sebastian's. Pathetic and heartfelt sobs escape him as he mutters his butler, his lover's name again and again. He holds Sebastian's face, "Sebastian! Sebastian wake up!"
Those beautiful eyes of his still stare blankly.
"SEBASTIAN!" Ciel screams, his voice ricocheting off the walls, haunting anyone who hears, the pain and remorse in his tone enough to etch the sound in one's memory forever.
Claude steps towards the mourning earl, wrapping his hands under Ciel's armpits, "Come now, Ciel Phantomhive, no matter how many times you say his name he will never answer. You efforts are wasted."
He starts to pull Ciel from his butler, the boy kicking and screaming even biting. Ciel reaches out to Sebastian who dully stares back as Claude presses Ciel to his chest trying to restrain the earl's flailing arms.
"Shhh." Claude whispers in Ciel's ear, slamming his index finger into a pressure point instantly ceasing the commotion, "You are mine, Ciel Phantomhive."
So yeah another two part deal
I'll have part two up soon hopefully! ><
But have you guys ever heard that song
Holding Out For a Hero?
That totally inspired this
And other things with other people
That really can't be mentioned here
Because....well...I don't need to justify myself.
I'll be honest when I say
I love Sebastian in the beginning, so defiant
I love it! :D
Thanks so much to those who read and leave comments.
I LOVE YOU!!! :heart:

As to the cover image I got it off Google but it had DVD stickers on it so i edited those out in paint....

His Butler, Forever [link]
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One Shots-
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