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July 5, 2011
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*Setting: Ouran Academy (yes I thought this would be a fun crossover) with our same cast with the temporary additions of Sebastian and Ciel. Just to make things clear.*

Seven months, that's how long I have to live in this hell that I've been shipped to. When the offer to expand my family's toy company outward to Japan I thought I'd just be in fancy hotels eating raw fish until the seven months were up. But no, somehow I managed to be enrolled into the apparently prestigious high school academy, Ouran.
Now the school itself isn't bad, the aesthetics are fairly decent although not to my taste and the academics seem fairly good. It's not a bad place to spend four years of your life but seeing as I am a business man and not some silly high school student, this place may as well be a primary school with finger paint on the walls. Even then I'd stand a better chance on talking my way out of that situation, but sadly I have one set of eyes on me at all times.
My butler, Sebastian Michaelis, is a liar. An incredibly attractive liar that somehow convinced the school board to enroll him as a fourth year even though he's hundreds of years old and a demon. Though seeing as some of his persuasive methods and his usual charm on women I could easily understand how he could've gotten his way. Even though I'm not outwardly thrilled of having my butler here disguised as a high schooler I am glad to at least have one face amongst hundreds that I know.
Meet me by the Music Room Three, his note had read, I've found us a club to participate in since the chess club is full and you're not exactly athletic.
Here I walk towards that very room with the poorly drawn map he had sketched for me. Sadly we don't have the same last class so that's at least one Sebastian-less class I have to endure with his eyes staring watchfully. Sighing I climb the stairs to see no other than my butler standing erect by the room. His eyes light up at my sight, as my chest rises involuntarily.
Damn him, having swayed my feelings in ways I didn't want them swayed. As he smiles warmly beginning to ask of my day's events I wonder if he knows that all I can really focus on his him. That secretly I marvel at how the school uniform fits him much better than it does me, complementing his elegant frame, long dark hair and deep amber eyes. And how the light from nearby windows plays on his long face perfectly as bits of emotion swirl in his eyes and expression. But no matter how well the suit fits, the light hits or how many times I wish for him to show the same secret lust for me I cannot give into emotion. It's not proper for a servant and master to have a relationship except a mutuality that's bland and loveless.
"Shall we go in?" he asks, his eyes drifting from me to the closed door, "I told them we'd be here straight after school. And with me talking with you we're ten minutes late."
Groaning I cross my arms, "What kind of club is this?"
"It's a club; you should be glad you're not swimming or playing basketball right now." Sebastian replies coolly, reaching for the doorknob, "I think you may enjoy yourself, maybe get noticed."
He shoots me a wink before pulling the door back. I smile on the inside, was he implying what I think he is? No. Sebastian isn't interested in me, not like that. Maybe he was implying something else. Yeah, that's it.
The door opens to reveal a bustling room filled with quaint tea tables and seven high school boys lounging. Sebastian clears his throat slightly, striding into the room as if he owns it shooting the tall boy with a typical haircut, round glasses and a mischievous look in his eye a knowing glance. The glasses boy shuts the book he was scribbling in, slipping it under his arm extending his free hand to Sebastian.
"Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive I presume?" he asks, gripping Sebastian's hand firmly then mine, "Welcome to Ouran High School Host Club, I'm Kyoya Ohtori the club's manager. It's our honour to welcome you into our club, please make yourselves at home; our guests should be arriving soon."
Sebastian flashes Kyoya a smile giving the manager a slight bow, "Thank you for offering me the position in the first place. I'm highly flattered."
Kyoya smirks as he pulls out his book again, "The honours all mine, Mr. Michaelis, you seem like a promising member and you said your little friend here would do well." He shoots me a look from behind his glasses, "And I hope you keep to your word."
I give Kyoya an uneasy glare as another wanders into their midst, yet another tall lean young man with fluffy blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a kind expression. Placing an elbow on Kyoya's shoulder he cocks his eyebrow, "Who are they?"
"Just some temporary members." Kyoya informs the blonde, "Due to an unfortunate accident young Mr. Phantomhive can't see in his right eye and is unable to participate in many clubs. I had offered Mr. Michaelis a position and to gain him we also gain Mr. Ciel Phantomhive."
The blonde nods, glancing at my hidden eye patch sympathetically I hate it when people show me open sympathy, he too extends his hand, "Well, welcome to Ouran Host Club! I'm Tamaki Suoh, the club president!" he eagerly shakes both their hands, "I hope you enjoy your time here at the host club!"
Sebastian smiles once again, "Seven months only, sadly enough. You see, my good…" his eyes flicker to mine momentarily as he searches for the right word, "…friend Ciel has a business deal in Japan for only a few months. Once that is over I'm afraid we'll be leaving Ouran and back to England."
"A business man, huh?" a redhead inquires to my left, stooping down to peer at me with his narrow cat-like eyes.
"How long have you been in business?" an exact copy of the redhead boy asks from the right.
Jumping slightly I back away to discover twins curiously staring at me, the two exact except in how they part their hair. The one with the right part smiles, "Hi, I'm Hikaru Hitachin," he points to his other half, "And that's my brother Kaoru. Are you new to the club?"
I nod, "Yes, but don't get to comfortable with my presence, I'll be leaving in under seven months."
"Only seven months?!" a high pitch voice wails from behind, turning I see a small child with large brown eyes and blonde hair coddling a stuffed rabbit with a tall muscular man behind with vast eyes and short black hair, "That's hardly any time at all!"
"It's far enough time." I snap, sizing the kid up, surely he's about ten and thankfully leaving me as the second shortest.
The kid pouts, "Oh, well I'm Mitsukuni Haninozuka and that's Takashi Morinozuka, but you can call us Hunny and Mori for short."
"Ciel Phantomhive." I reply, "But you can call me Ciel, I suppose."
The kid beams, hugging the rabbit tighter, "Hi Ciel, I hope you like it here at Ouran." He suddenly shoves the rabbit in my face, "Say hi to my stuffed rabbit! Do you want to know his name?"
Gritting my teeth in disgust I push the toy from my face, Hunny's actions reminding me of Elizabeth, "No thanks. I'm good."
Hunny's lower lip protrudes, "Oh, come on, Ciel! He's really nice! I think you two will get along fine!"
"I said no."
He opens his mouth to argue but shuts it once another boy with large doe-like eyes, dark brown hair with my exact cut and a delicate face appears. He places a dainty hand on Hunny's shoulder gifting him a smile, "Come on, Hunny, cut it out. He said no."
Hunny nods sadly, squeezing the rabbit to his chest, "Okay." His large eyes meet mine, "Sorry, Ciel."
I nod stiffly, "Its fine."
He shoos the little boy away, turning to me as girls start to filter into the room, Kyoya directing Sebastian to a small table with tea and a perky blonde to sit with him. "Sorry about that." he apologizes, "Hunny's really attached to that rabbit and he's really friendly. Believe it or not he's one of the oldest here."
"He acts quite immature." I remark, keeping an eye on the blonde with Sebastian, he constantly flashes her smiles and does that sideways tilt with his head when he makes a witty remark. The blonde laughs at something he says, placing a hand over his affectionately sending jealously through me. How I wish to storm over there and wrench her hand away!
The boy laughs, his laugh high and soft like a girl's, "Yeah, but he's a good kid. So are you new?"
"Yes." I reply, the blonde leaning over the table engrossed in whatever Sebastian's saying. Some of her long hair spills down her shoulder as she watches intently as Sebastian pours her some tea.
"That's cool. I've never known Kyoya to invite members so randomly. Then again, he's never been the most predicable of sorts." Like the other members the boy extends a hand, "I'm Haruhi Fujioka by the way. It's nice to meet you."
I take his hand, grasping it half heartedly, my heart and attention on Sebastian and the blonde. She now traces circles where his mark shines against his pale skin. She stares at it intently as he talks. "Ciel Phantomhive." I introduce, my being wanting to be with Sebastian, tracing his hand and our seal.
"That's a cool name." Haruhi smiles, "Is it French?"
"I don't know." I answer dully, "…are the girls allowed to act like that?"
Haruhi frowns slightly, turning where my eyes must have guided him, "Like what?" he notices the girl now keeping a grasp on Sebastian's upper arm, "Oh, yeah, some of the girl's are like that. But it's their job as a host. We don't have very many customers today so I don't think Kyoya's going to stick us out there."
"The less experienced." Haruhi clarifies, "I've been with the host club a while now but on days like these I think Kyoya prefers I not work seeing as I'm not in high demand. And plus, your friend over there is really popular. Look at all the girl's glancing at him." He laughs, "Tamaki's going to get jealous soon, just watch."
Sebastian places his hand over hers, a compassionate smile on his face. I wish he'd look at me like that.
"Does it get better?" I ask, my voice low with sorrow and wanting.
"Never mind." I mutter, averting my gaze.

Finally it ended, the girls left and Haruhi began to clean up the tea sets and table cloths. Sebastian assists him, the two making small talk as Kyoya claims a seat beside me. He shoves his glasses up his face, casting me a sidelong glance. "The girls liked you today, Ciel. A lot more that I thought they would."
"They say they like that eye patch of yours." He continues, "Mysterious many have said as they request you again. With your tragic story behind it they're putty in your hands but you seem to care less."
"And while most hosts stare at their lovely guests you can only stare at your friend." He points out, "Are you trying to pick up on a technique?"
"What then?"
I glare at him, "That's none of your business, thanks."
Kyoya smirks, "Ah, sorry for intruding, I didn't know you two were an item."
Heat flares in my face. Is it that obvious? Do my stares really project love for my butler? How embarrassing! "P-please." I huff, crossing my arms, "I'm more interested in Haruhi than I am Sebastian. Don't be revolting."
Kyoya chuckles under his breath at my remark, "Not a surprise, you two do look a lot alike."
"Shut up." I growl as Hunny and Mori bid the club goodnight as they leave, only me, Sebastian, Haruhi and Kyoya together.
Sebastian and Haruhi put away the last of the tea, Haruhi telling Sebastian that he must be off and that he had a wonderful time talking with my butler. Sebastian waves goodbye as Haruhi exits. My butler walks back over to me, his eyes gleaming as he smiles, taking a seat beside me. "How was he, Kyoya?"
"Excellent." The manager replies, shutting his book, standing, "I look forward to tomorrow. Goodnight."
The door shuts leaving Sebastian and I in silence, the only light coming from the chandeliers and the only sound from our breathing. Sebastian turns his head to look at me, "Did you enjoy yourself, young master?"
"No." I reply coldly, "I did not."
A frown graces his features, "Why not? Those girls seemed to adore you, master."
"I don't care."
He exhales, "I don't understand you, sometimes."
"Do you even understand me at all?" I snap harshly, "I mean, I was sitting over there the whole time you were with…" my mind shutters at the thoughts of him and the blonde girl together, "…her. You certainly had fun, I know that."
his eyebrows furrow, "What do you mean?"
"I mean…" I start, ready to spill my feelings, the ones I've bottled for years, "…never mind. Forget it."
Silence envelopes us instantly, we only sit inches apart but the harsh reality without words feels like we're miles away. He clasps and unclasps his hands while I dig my fingers into the couch. "Ciel…" he whispers, "…I wasn't having fun either. Not when all of those girls were all over you. It wasn't fair."
My blood runs cold and I have the sudden urge to pinch myself, "…what?"
"Even though the girl I was with today was lovely I would've much rather had tea with you, my lord." Sebastian informs me quietly.
"But…" I stammer, speechless by the words coming from him, "She was blonde and pretty."
"With nice cheekbones and large eyes…"
"Not as large as yours." He smiles, meeting my trembling gaze, those eyes of his burning through the soul he craves, "They were a nice shade, yes. An odd blue green that changed as she spoke but not at all the lovely sapphire blue that you have."
I feel the heat rise in my face, "Only one eye is that colour…"
"And I love it." He murmurs, closer to me, our faces so close, "…Ciel…"
Taking the side of my face he gently pulls me to him, closing the gap between us. Our lips meet, sweet and pure, that forbidden passion now filled with his touch. I turn to him, placing my hands on his shoulders wanting to be closer. His hands curl around my waist as he guides me back first onto the small couch. Our lips meet again and again, faster and quicker as if they couldn't stand to be apart.
We had spent this much time with our true desires in the shadows, and finally with the approaching darkness our lust is revealed. His arms engulf me, the taste of his lips on mine intoxicating as I wind a calf over his. He brushes back some of my hair, knocking my eye patch to the floor, we both stare at it.
"Oops." He smirks, directing his attention back to me, lacing his fingers with mine.
I shake my head slightly, tightening my hold on his hands, "You're going to have to put that back."
His right hand moves from my fingers to my face, tracing the crevices in it, "When I'm through with you I'll think about it."
"Oh?" I murmur, his face too close to mine again, yet too far.
"Yes." He exhales, our lips meeting again, his hands on me again.
He caresses me, his able hands surrounding me with comfort and love, passion and that need of my soul. Although as he shrugs off my blazer I begin to wonder which part of him wants my soul and which wants me. Not just my body or the overwhelming rush that I know we both encounter when around one another but, I want to know if there's a part of him that wants just Ciel Phantomhive.
His lips travel down my neck, his hands popping off buttons as I hold him tighter, never wanting to let go. As he starts to shed the button up blouse I hold his face in my hand, stroking his soft skin, "Tell me something…"
He breathes into my neck, "Anything."
Sebastian presses his lips to my skin again, "Because." He starts before pulling back to look me in the eyes, "I have feelings for you, only you. Should there be any others?"
The overwhelming urge to kiss him, hold him and never leave him washes over me, flooding me from the inside. I shake my head, a few tears pulling at my eyes as I stroke his glossy hair between my fingers, "No…there isn't."
He kisses me, sweetly and briefly, his lips lingering above mine, "And there never will be."
Contest Submission for :iconsebastianxciel-fc:
Strtictly a one shot since I really had quite a bit of trouble writing this in the first place. I knew I wanted to do something for the contest but really couldn't think of much of anything. So I was reading the back of Kuroshitsuji vol. one where Yana drew them all as a host club. Oddly enough I was watching Ouran on Hulu and thought, "Huh, wonder how Ciel and Sebastian would do there?"
And thus the writing above was born. I decided to keep it modern times and such and...yeah. Still don't know how I feel on this one...
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Black butler and Ouran host club!? AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *fangirls like crazy* THIS IS AMAZING I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! Thank you!! :D :D :D 

Ouran Host Club and Black Butler are my favorite amemie shows!! It would be AMAZING if it could actually happen!!!!! *fangirls*
RetardedJackSparrow Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Ah, thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it! :)
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Your welcome! You should do more Black Butler and Ouran Host Club  crossovers! :D
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I might, I kinda want to just do Ouran, I loved writing those characters :)
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GrellSutcliff21 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hahahahaha! This is amazing because I kept thinking after watching black butler that Sebastian would make an amazing Host but Ciel would be jealous. The yaoi at the end caught me off guard but can you blame Ciel when that...that...demon walks around with that face and the voice? I loved it very much and I would love to read more!
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...i never get why this is a populary pairing...i guess anyone can be a pairing these days....
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I watched dubbed so if you don't you won't know why that is. Same voice actor :D
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