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October 31, 2011
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Yet another outfit of his is stuffed into a suitcase, his maid lingers by his bed with her hands clasped to her chest as she stares with wide eyes. In her whole three years of services has she never seen the small, powerful figure of Ciel Phantomhive in a hurry so strong that he didn't even bother with changing to prepare to leave.
This morning had happened in such a confusion, first when she came in to awaken him Mey-Rin found the young earl in the hallways of all places dragging a suitcase into his room. He had promptly slammed it atop his bed, wrenched open his wardrobe and began a frantic stuffing of clothes.
He hadn't even bothered to change out of his nightclothes, a large white shirt that was worn by his father, Vincent Phantomhive. Somehow Mey-Rin was able to convince him to wear a pair of pants, which he tore from his closet wrenching them around his waist then continued his work.
"Young master," Mey-Rin calls as Ciel sits atop his luggage bouncing up and down a few times before attempting to close the locks, "What is this all about?"
"We're leaving," Ciel grunts, now awkwardly standing atop the suitcase, his small fingers fumbling to close it, "I'm sick of this place, it holds too many memories."
Mey-Rin frowns; recently the young Earl Phantomhive and his butler were caught in a city wide scandal. Something went wrong and instead of testifying with Sebastian, Ciel argued against his demon butler. Since he is nothing but a young boy crying sexual harassment from an older man, and his fiancé's family didn't approve of the relationship they gladly took his side. She herself knew of their underground relationship, having caught them a few times but knew how happy they made one another. Mister Sebastian would have a livelier step, the young master would smile every once in a while, they were just perfect for one another.
With him gone, Mey-Rin can understand why Ciel would wish to leave a mansion filled with so many memories of him and his now jailed butler. Ciel continues to struggle with closing the suitcase and Mey-Rin simply leans over and snaps it shut for him, ending his struggle. The boy looks up at him with his discolored eyes, one purple one a deep sapphire blue-the same blue his mother supposedly had.
She cups his face, his skin smooth under her touch, "Sir, why are we leaving?"
He bites his lip, fear flickering in his eyes. What has he supposed to tell her? That his demon butler was coming to collect his soul? A demon butler that he formed an incredibly strong contract with that could probably pinpoint him in a large crowd with a second's glance. He doesn't know how long prison bars will hold him, and the last Phantomhive isn't going to wait around to find out!
"Mey-Rin, is the carriage prepared?" Ciel asks, opening a truck dumping valued objects and shoes inside at an inhuman pace.
"Yes, sir it is. Everything just needs to be packed."
He grabs the suitcase on the bed, throwing it at her, "Great. Take this and send Bard and Finny to come get this and the important possessions in my study and my parents' old room."
"Young master, are we moving?"
Ciel stops to catch his breath, "I don't know, stop asking questions, and do as you're told!"
She bows slightly, "Yes, my lord."
His eyes cut her a cold glare, "Do not say that. Ever Again."

The Plaza Hotel is a nice hotel, fine furniture, excellent service and best of all-men with guns guarding the door least someone unwanted harm the rich inside. Ciel Phantomhive nervously paces his room as his maid unpacks his things, sorting them into the proper drawers. He twists the large blue diamond ring around his thumb over and over, the metal starting to rub off his skin in certain places.
Every dark figure fifteen stories below causes his heart to jump at the possibility of being Sebastian. Even the black crows pecking at the ground makes him want to pull out his revolver and shoot at them for one may be his demon. Mey-Rin stacks the empty luggage by the door, watching her master with weary eyes unsure of what to do with him.
"Young master, may I fetch you something to eat or drink?" she asks timidly, not wanting to provoke him again.
"No," he replies shortly and quickly, "I-I'm not hungry."
"We've been here for two days, sir," she reminds him carefully, "You've hardly eaten a thing, and you know how easily you loose weight…"
"Perhaps some tea," Ciel interrupts, running a hand through his hair, "Extra sugar, strong."
"Would you care a stroll about the hotel?" Mey-Rin inquires, wanting more than anything to get him out of this room, "You could use the change in scenery."
"Yes!" Ciel agrees much too happily, a slightly delirious laugh to his tone. "A walk about his just what I need!"
He quickly walks to the door, jerks it open and slams it shut before his maid can so much take her first step towards the door. Ciel inhales deeply many times after rounding a few corners, taking a few unneeded turns and finally finding himself in an abandoned library parlor room. He falls onto a seat burning his face in his hands, the anxiety of not knowing eating him up in the inside. To not know when Sebastian Michaelis will come for his soul is perhaps one of the worst tortures he has ever endured.
"Ciel Phantomhive?" a voice questions from across the room calling the earl's attention.
There with a gloved hand at the spine of a book stands Claude Fastus, rival demon to Sebastian Michaelis, whom the Phantomhive household has learned to hate. The demon furrows his eyebrows, dropping his hand, "Interesting meeting you here, what brings you to France?"
Ciel narrows his eyes at the casual, humane tone to the demon's voice, "I…uh…I'm on a slight trip…away."
"From your butler?"
His heart sinks, "No."
Claude shakes his head with a small smirk on his face, "The contract, I can sense it, half of it is gone. I don't sense Michaelis and well," he smiles, "I'd have to be living under a rock to have not seen the newest newspapers."
Ciel sighs, sinking further into his chair, "What do you want? Or is this a friendly mate to mate chat?"
"How would you like to enter a contract with me?" the demon offers, taking a step closer, his yellow eyes gleaming with anticipation, "I offer you protection from Michaelis. I promise never to let him lay a hand on you. I would serve you and only you."
"And Alois?"
"That can be dealt with easily." Claude stoops to Ciel's feet as if he's proposing, "Ciel Phantomhive, I want your soul and I would hate for someone such as Sebastian Michaelis to devour something so…divine. Join in contract with me and I promise he will never hurt you again…"
Ciel opens his mouth to agree, anything to keep his soul just a few moments longer, to have a blockade to prevent Sebastian from coming closer. To have to face that fate that haunts his every thought, every breath... Claude extends a hand forward, that keen smile threatening to tear open his face until suddenly, a silver knife flies through the spider's head. His golden eyes roll to the back of his head as he slumps over onto the floor, a pool of blood gathering.
In the doorway stands Sebastian Michaelis, in the same uniform as always with a set of knives protruding from his knuckles. His red eyes glare at the Trancy butler before cutting up to Ciel, a smirk on his face, malice on his lips, "Hello, master."
Shoving his chair back Ciel darts away easily brushing past his butler, dashing down the hallway while hearing his butler's calm footsteps following behind. He scrambles down the stairs, through the lobby and into the busy streets of Paris. Ciel screams through the twilight crowds demanding a way through. The muscles in his legs tighten, the pain meant to be there masked by the adrenaline coursing through his veins.
Glancing behind, he fails to see Sebastian but something inside him tells him that the demon is not far. He whirls down an alleyway, his breathing ricocheting in the dank space. Beyond the alley is fine gardens, white roses glow in the dimming light as he turns into a bush labyrinth. Swallowing thickly he pushes himself to run a bit further, take some more unpredictable turns, backtrack and confuse.
Finally he finds a small stonework house, the window glisten in the rising moonlight the stones weathered and old from years of patience. He clambers to the doorstep, fumbling with the door until it opens for him. The earl quietly shuts the dying wood behind him least he attract the unwanted attention to himself.
He leans against the wall, calming his breathing, hoping for salvation. But he knows in his mind that salvation will not come, that he formed a strong contract. The devil's prey will never be able to escape as long as the covenant gleams in his eye, imprinted on his soul. Perhaps, that end he wished for so long ago and now hopes to prolong is closer than he expected.
Like the shadow everyone's known him to be the demon sweeps out of the darkness, those red eyes now a glowing deep pinkish purple and wholly fixated on Ciel. The young earl backs away as his eyes widen in fear, knowing the fate he chose for himself the moment the demon came to his rescue.
"I truly am sorry, master," Sebastian says coolly, a dark mass clouding his figure as it did years ago when they first met, "I didn't want it to be this way."
"It's not going to happen!" Ciel shouts, the urge to pull his revolver from his pocket strong but he knows that will do him little to no good, "You didn't hold up your end of the bargain!"
Sebastian slides off his glove, the purple mark etched in his skin fading, "You broke the contract, sir. You called me away voluntarily without any intentions of retrieving me. In fact, you planned on dying without even attempting to fulfill the contract. So, therefore," he grins, now towering over him, "I own your soul."
He slides a hand onto Ciel's face, shivers chasing down the boy's spine as the demon traces the crevasse of his eye and cheek. The butler idly massages his jaw line, loving the soft feel of Ciel's skin, "I did, however have an alternate solution for you, my Ciel…but it is obvious that you are not worthy to spend eternity with me."
"A-alternate solution?!" Ciel chokes out in a hoarse whisper.
The dark crow smiles, that same smile he's bore in his three years of servitude, "To give you the life of a demon. After I had my fill of your soul of course, but" he leans close, their lips mere centimeters apart, "my feelings were fake. You determined that for me, even after my own cries."
Ciel suppresses tears, no.  Sebastian's last memory of him will not be of a weak, spineless child who didn't get his way. Sebastian will have the soul he's worked so hard for; if Ciel Phantomhive is going to die he is going to do so properly. Reaching to his face he places a hand over Sebastian's shoving it from his eye patch and ripping the dressing from his face. The demon watches it flutter to the ground then back to the determined yet scared look on his Ciel's face.
"You're a demon, I am a human. There is no true escape from you." Ciel lifts his chin a bit higher, pressing his lips to Sebastian's for one final time, enjoying the bliss on his lips, in his heart, "I never did stop loving you though. Not for a moment."
Sebastian's heart stops briefly, in all of the mess and heartache and confusion Ciel has stayed just as true as he had if not more so. Exhaling the demon clenches his jaw, promising himself on the inside not to return his master's favour. Last time they kissed goodbye he was the one repenting for the simple act of love. He smiles, that crooked, mischievous smile that Ciel would always wake up to after nights alone with Sebastian.
He tilts Ciel's chin towards him, wanting to kiss him again more than ever. Ciel's lips part in bracing for what may be another embrace, Sebastian's eyes gleam that haunting colour as he slides a hand around his young master's waist, jerking them chest to chest.
The first little fragments of Ciel's soul float out of his throat, a light calming blue gliding into the demon's mouth, "Now, Ciel," he murmurs, "you are mine. Forever."

~End of His Butler series
Last in the series, His Butler is over. :(
I'm sorry!
No I'm really not.
Wanna know why?
There's another series. That's why. :3
I know some may not be thrilled on the ending but, this is how I wanted it
New series will be called something that I don't know yet
But I have had a TON of fun writing this series and are surprized I finished a series. I love all of the comments and faves and friends that I have made through these stories and really are glad that I swallowed my nerves and posted His Butler, Forever in the first place. (since I never intended on posting these EVER)
And yes, the end is the way it is so that it ties back to the beginning nicely. Just so you know...:D
Again, thanks so much for reading, faving and commenting. It means the world to me! :heart:

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