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October 20, 2011
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Turning his head he recognizes the figure, small and lean whose very demeanour screamed solitude. The man clutches his pen and pocketbook, his feet taking only seconds to reach the desired back of the needed words. He claps the shoulder causing him to turn around, his large blue eye casting a disturbed glare over his shoulder.
"What?" Ciel Phantomhive snaps.
"Earl Phantomhive, sir," the interviewer pants, "please, just a word, please."
Ciel exhales, secretly loving the attention or just another chance to further soil the name Michaelis, "Do make it quick. I have a trial to get to."
The interviewer nods eagerly, licking the tip of his pen ready for the earl's response, "What exactly are your true, honest thoughts on Sebastian Michaelis?"
A smirk threatens to ruin his façade as Ciel shoves it away, faking innocent, tainted boy. He casts his gaze downward illuminating the mirage of defenceless boy before flying the wall of powerful earl back into position, "Sebastian Michaelis…my butler," He laughs bitterly, "he was supposed to be my butler, nothing more, but he wanted to be more. I told him no but…" Ciel shrugs as if he simply made a careless mistake, "I was wrong about him in so many ways. He's a monster, someone never to be trusted. He deserves to be behind bars until the day I die."
The man hungrily copies Ciel's words, the speaker himself turning on his heel walking straight to face the one in question: Sebastian Michaelis.

He enters the room where Sebastian sits, one hand linked to the arm of a chair. His butler looks up at his master, "Whatever happened to being on my side, Ciel?"
"Don't call me by my name, demon," the earl spits harshly, "you are still my servant and are to address me properly."
"My lord."
Ciel smirks at the power he has over a demon, a being supposedly more powerful than him. But who's handcuffed to a chair facing a life sentence in prison? Not Ciel Phantomhive, that's who.
Sebastian stares hopelessly at the one he once thought to be his love, his everything. Someone more than just a master but a lover. Maybe he should have let Ciel in on his plans of playing it safe, than again maybe he should not have allowed Ciel to overpower him only to disown his feelings for the boy in a harsh manner. Perhaps this rough game was just something he should have played out in his head not in reality. If only he did that maybe he would be exchanging nicer words and maybe a few kisses.
He looks up at the merciless eye of Ciel Phantomhive, no longer seeing the boy he held close to his chest all those nights. No longer viewing the small boy who's so strong yet so fragile. Those endless nights completely devoted to one another now just memories, meaningless at the moment. Never has Sebastian divulged into a romantic relationship with a master, a partner in contract, his food. But never has Sebastian met someone like Ciel before, completely weak to the boy's cold stare, harsh lips and sweet interior.
"My Lord…can we please discuss this?" the demon inquires, grasping onto the last threads of hope to talk his way out of a trial opposing him in all directions, "We still have the contract, you willingly placing me in jail will be in violation and I will be forced into my end of the deal. You cannot escape me, master, we are bound together."
Ciel's upper lip curls, "You honestly think that matters to me?! After what you did to me yesterday?!"
Sebastian's heart lowers.
"I will not be made a fool out of again, not by you not by anyone!"
"My lord…think for a moment. Us being together got you into this mess and us continuing a romantic relationship will only worsen you. I had to cut it off. I'm sorry for what I said, that was rather harsh of me. I do care for you it's just that…"
"Liar!" Ciel cries. "You just wanted out of the trial! You just want my fucking soul because that's all you ever cared for isn't it?! Well guess what? I'm going to put you behind bars and make you wait. I'll break the contract somehow and rid myself of it and you!"
Tears pound behind his eyes, "Ciel don't do this! I will be forced to…"
His small palm slams into the demon's face, "Shut up! I don't want to hear anything you have to say. I hate you and you are nothing to me."
"Ciel!" his demon cries sorrow and anger toying with his tone as Ciel turns on his heel without so much the time to glance at Sebastian's expression. He walks quickly out of the room, attempting to block all words that escape his butler's lips as he finally reached the door slamming it shut behind him.
Corliss rounds a corner just in time to see the earl slam the door, his eye wide and the look of a ruined Christmas on his face. She inspects the hallways for clearance and hurries to his side gripping his shoulders, "Ciel…hey what's wrong? You look like your pet cat just died."
More tears threaten to flow from him. Sebastian likes cats…Can he really go through with this? Can he really, honestly lie in court just to get back at his butler? Memories flood of their nights together, him enveloped in Sebastian's arms curled against Sebastian's bare chest. To awaken to Sebastian's lip on his for a tender kiss good morning. If he wins the case, which he's a thirteen year old boy crying rape from a man who appears to be twenty five, he will never have the chance to even try to get mornings like that back.
Sighing he shakes his head, the mask of cruelty and stoic nature crumbling away at the comforting touch of his attorney, Corliss Davenport, a woman with a past like his without the demon butler part. She too lived a life of luxury until her parents were killed before her, but she obviously wasn't abducted to be used on the black market as nothing more than a blood sacrifice.
He leans his head into her shoulder, inhaling the sweet scent wafting from her clothes reminding him of his mother. Although in all fairness with her half up half down hairdo, blonde hair and large eyes she could pass for a sister of Rachel Phantomhive. Ciel shakes his head at the thought, silly fantasies; all he really wants is to be in the arms of his butler.
Corliss pats his back once or twice, "Do you not wish to testify against Sebastian anymore?"
Ciel shakes his head, "Part of me does but part of me doesn't. But at the moment I am against him."
Corliss sighs, smoothing out some of Ciel's hair, "I don't know what happened yesterday during your visit with him but…try not to make any decisions i the heat of anger, please."
Her words strike him, actions based on emotions…that's all he's done his whole life. He made the contract with Sebastian on emotions of revenge and power, the need to better the ones who did this to his family to feel the superiority of the men who would lock his cage every night. He's here because of emotion, blind lust for his butler, and now a raging hatred doused in intimacy.
"He deserves this," Ciel informs her stiffly, sliding from her grasp.
"Just a day ago you were willing to do anything for him," Corliss replies sternly, "Now ever since you returned you've been against him yet I see that love in your eye, Lord Phantomhive, and I know that the hate you feign is merely another illusion."
Ciel cuts her a dirty look, is he really that readable?
"I hired you to win my favour, not counsel me about it. Now let's be off, least we be late."

The guards bring him in silently, the demon butler keeping his gaze on the ground unable to meet the cold stare of his master. Ciel's heart tightens as Sebastian passes the table he shares with Corliss. That pathetic look on his once overwhelming butler like a slap in the face, the reality hitting him hard. Part of him wants to just scream and call everything quits, take his butler back and run. But, the part of him that is clearly aware of the severity of his mistakes knows best.
After all, Sebastian Michaelis never loved him, what can he really lose?
"Sebastian Michaelis, you have been called to court in the crime of unjust relations with Earl Ciel Phantomhive." The judge bellows, the surreal veil of the case disappearing into what's real, "Earl Ciel Alexander Phantomhive alongside Rose Corliss Davenport testify you to be guilty. How do you plea?"
"Not guilty." The accused dully states.
The wooden gavel slams into the table signifying the beginning of the end.

"And I walked in, to see Ciel's butler all over him." Elizabeth Middleford sniffs, dabbing at what Ciel presumes to be fake tears, "He was trying to shove Sebastian away but Sebastian just wouldn't let him go. If I hadn't demanded what was going on I don't know what would've happened."
Ciel's nails dig into the woodwork of the table before him while Sebastian keeps a calm demeanour. How well the girl lies, how impeccable she picks up on a trial of betrayal. Corliss boredly doodles on the back of her notes she complied to use against Sebastian. But seeing how convincing a crying blonde girl is who just, "Wants her fiancée's butler to leave him alone," it seems that Ciel and Corliss will most likely be able to sit through this court case without uttering a word.
"Your defence, Mr. Michaelis?" the judge inquires, distain on his tongue.
"That Earl Phantomhive accepted the affection, returned it just as generously and that he was the one who initially started this affair. I will say that as many times as you'd like but my answer will never change," Sebastian states tiredly, having been viewed as a child predator for the past three hours via verbal truths stretched into lies.
"Earl Phantomhive, comments," The judge asks with a sympathetic glance.
Ciel absentmindedly flicks a speck off the tabletop, "Lady Middleford speaks the truth, my butler forced himself upon me whenever we were alone for extended periods of times. I tried to get him to leave me alone but there was no stopping him." Ciel shrugs, giving the judge his best innocent child look, "He told me it was a game."
Sebastian's mouth hangs open, for the first time in his life Ciel has seen his butler express shock before a crowd. The demon jumps to his feet, a glare in his eye, "That is a lie, my Lord."
"Says the man sinning at every question," The earl snaps without even looking at Sebastian.
"CIEL!" Sebastian roars, every possible form of anger and passion on his face as he hunches over the small railing, snapping it under his grasps as if it weren't there at all, "Don't do this!"
Ciel shrinks slightly under the rage of a demon, those eyes flaming pink, his pupils slits. His eyebrows knit in frustration as the jury gasps at the butler's strength. Never has Ciel even seen his butler his upset, all over a human he claims to not love.
The judge slaps his gavel until the demon's demeanour lowers to a somewhat human stance. He signals to the guards, three men fast walking to Sebastian's side, "Sebastian Michaelis, you are hereby found guilty for sexual assault and unjust relations with a minor. I hereby sentence you to life in prison."
Court adjourned.
Everyone flutters from their seats, including the young earl who casually stretches his arms over his head casting a sidelong glance at Corliss who angrily stares before him. Her small lips pursed in disappointment as her fists curl.
"What's wrong with you?" Ciel asks, a harshness to his tone.
Her grey eyes snap up to look at her client, a silent rage beneath such a flawless surface, "Nothing, nothing at all sir." She stands abruptly gifting him that same curt smile Sebastian would if he's pissed but knows to hold his tongue, "Just don't ask me to help you get him back. Good day Earl Phantomhive."
With that last word she flits from the courthouse, her goodbye ringing in his ears. Great, everyone seems to be abandoning him because he tossed aside an unloyal butler, what is the harm in that? Yes, their attraction, Ciel's attractions and Sebastian's façade, were strong but it was all fake. For Sebastian at least.
Ciel turns over his shoulder to see handcuffs snap into place on his butler's slender wrists. The butler glares at him as the guards lead him through the courtroom. Sebastian forces them to stop, those eyes of his burning into Ciel's soul, or what's left of it.
"You've made a huge mistake, my lord." Sebastian growls, his voice not even sounds like his own but that of a demon, "You have broken the contract."
Oh yes I finally finished
And I kinda hate it
I don't know why but
It just seems beyond borning
Well I do hope you enjoy this!
Second last installment of
His Butler series T.T
Comments and faves much loved! :heart:
And I DO NOT own the cover image

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